The Advocacy of Grief

This is the story of how a group of families who lost loved ones in traffic crashes fought to change the speed limit in New York City, and won

After her son was struck and killed by a cab driver, Dana Lerner became an activist to lower New York City’s speed limit. Her work has continued since that campaign succeeded, including (pictured) fighting to stop New York City’s speed camera program from being dismantled. Photo by Scott Heins
Photo courtesy of Dana Lerner

How did you get involved with the campaign to lower New York City’s speed limit?

That sounds unimaginably difficult. What was it like to work on the campaign?

Photo by Scott Heins

What were the biggest obstacles to your campaign to lower the speed limit in 2014?

How has the landscape shifted in the last six years?

What next steps should the city take to make our streets safer?

What are the main challenges for this movement today?

Your activism was able to lower New York City’s speed limit. How did the campaign and your success inform your future advocacy?

Transportation Alternatives is your advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit in New York City. We stand up for #VisionZero & #BikeNYC.

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