The case for a Director of the Public Realm in New York City

People bike down a green bike lane in Midtown NYC, while people sit in the car lane, dining at open-air restaurants.
(Photo by Scott Heins)

The rise of the car opened the door to more intrusive policing with disastrous consequences for racial equity. We are trying to change that.

A close-up of a police car in Berkeley, with a construction scene visible just past it.
(Photo by Jerome Paulos)

Lessons from the frontline of the fight against a Texas highway expansion plan

A woman speaks into a megaphone in front of around 20 onlooker holding signs. Behind her is a large field with buildings behind it.
A community walk organized by the organization “Stop TxDOT I-45” toured historic sections of town that stand to be destroyed by Houston’s proposed I-45 expansion. (Photo by Anni Mulligan for the Houston Chronicle)

Knowing which SUVs are the greatest danger to cyclists and pedestrians will push automakers to build safer SUVs

A Jeep turns into a crosswalk, where pedestrians are walking.
(Photo by Scott Heins)

When cyclists crash into pedestrians, the media coverage is extensive. I looked into how common the problem really is.

(Photo by Scott Heins)

How art on our streets can bring communities together, beautify neglected spaces, and save lives

An intersection is painted in bright colors. Paint narrows crossing distances and widens sidewalks, and a large red heart in the center reads “LUV MIDTOWN K.C.”
Painted traffic-calming measures at the intersection of Wyandotte Street & Westport Road in Kansas City, MO (Photo by DroneBase for Bloomberg Philanthropies)

For the future of road safety, we must ask ourselves how to think beyond the box and do what’s right for all road users. We have a proposal.

People on bicycles share a narrow street with imposing black SUVs.
(Photo by Scott Heins)

How cities are making streets safe quicker and more easily than ever before

People eat outdoors in a street, partitioned with traffic cones and rope. Residents walk and bike past.
A vibrant street created with low-cost and quick materials in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Doug Coombe)

In Durham, North Carolina, a model for community listening

Aidil Ortiz stands in the middle of a residential street, smiling. At her feet is written “Government participation” in chalk paint. Along the curb on either side of her are tables with chairs set up, so residents can meet and discuss.
The author at a community engagement session in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo by Ellen Beckmann)

Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives is your advocate for walking, bicycling, and public transit in New York City. We stand up for #VisionZero & #BikeNYC.

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